Monday, January 26, 2009

Brasil, Brasil...

One month of continuous heat and sun would define my trip to the warm lands. Undoubtedly Brazil is a lot different than Europe (the richer part of it at least) in many ways, but I wanted to create another famous list about the top things you would for sure notice if traveling to the samba land.

-The weather: most seaside destinations like Rio are a true paradise for everyone. Winters are hardly below 18C.

-Food: tasty, cheap and many times creative. You should definitely try a "rodízio" pizzaria where you would be delighted to taste a chocolate or a hot dog pizza.

-Fruits: I seriously believe you can find any fruit you can think of there, besides many others you can't think of.

-Butt: If you are one of those guys who get mesmerized by a big rear, Brazil is your place. They worship nice big butts as a national treasure.

-Animals: Beware of the many different insects, including giant flying cockroaches. There are also many street dogs in some parts. I once saw an armadillo. Can you believe it? Ar ma dil you even know which animal this is?

-Beauty welcoming: Fat girls, skinny girls, big noses, flat chested: no matter what you have that you think is ugly, it will be given some credit in Brazil. Guys love to say something when we walk by and they appreciate any kind of look. If you don't have an arm for example, they could say "wow baby...I can think of so many things you could do with your one arm".

-Sex: If you are looking for a "motel" thinking it would be some small hotel by the road for tired travelers, you are wrong. In Brazil a "motel" is a special hotel only for having sex. They have mirrors everywhere so you can watch your whole performance, cool bathtubs, sex devices and you normally pay for a 6, 12 or 24 hours stay.

I probably have lots more to write but I will try to make it short for now. Feel free to suggest something else to add if you had the Brazilian experience already.

Tchau, tchau!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yes,after one month of great moments in Rio I'm back to Its complete opposite again. Since I´m still jet lagged, no posts today. But I promise I will come up with something cool from my Brazilian archive until next Monday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scary movie

Hello! Since I'm still enjoying my sunny vacation here in Brazil, the posts haven't been as frequent or as long as the previous ones. So in order to keep it going without sitting indoors for a while, I am posting this cool video I found online, about the most powerful nation in the world. Draw your own conclusions...