Monday, February 22, 2010

When you complain about heat...

...think of me and my new thermometer picture, five degrees less than the last one. Spring should be coming soon, but...I guess not.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today's evil review: The Wolfman

Dark skies, mysterious woods, an evil creature and a small town: features that definitely set the mood for any good werewolf movie. I couldn't wait to watch this one. Sadly my initial excitement didn't leave the cinema with me.

Before seeing it, I wondered why it was called "The Wolfman" and not "The Werewolf". This is because the creature is sort of a hairy man and not a manly wolf. Nice move for keeping the "humanity" of the characters. On the other hand, it took away the fear factor since what you think will be a horrid creature resembles an angry beardy man.

This being said, the actors did a good job with an underdeveloped story (although I have my doubts about the bad guy from "Matrix", who seemed to play the same character in this movie too). Enough to save it, but not to make it unforgettable. It could have been so much more, the plot was promising, the suspense was then vanish into the forest's mist.

Also some characters were mis-explored. The gypsy, the servant, the brother...pity.

I still recommend that you watch "The Wolfman" if you are an admirer of the genre as well. Just don't expect it to come close to great titles like "Dracula" nor to pay off for a great cinema experience.

PS: "Dracula" admirers will notice the resemblance between the soundtracks of the movies. That's because Danny Elfman inspired himself in Wojciech Kilar's score for the vampire classic. A little too much, I would say.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gringo guide for getting along in Rio de Janeiro: Taking a bus

I decided to create a small guide for everyone who is thinking about travelling to Brazil, specially Rio. For the ones who come from the introvert, developed parts of the world, like Sweden, this guide will be double as useful. Today's chapter is "Taking a bus":

-First of all you will have to stand at the bus stop and wave for the bus you want to take. It won't stop if you, or at least someone else, don't raise your arm and shake your hand a little bit.

-If you find a double seat available and don't wanna share it with someone else, don't think you will avoid human contact by sitting by the corridor and putting your backpack on the seat by the window (god, this is so Swedish): be sure that as soon as more people get on the bus, someone will ask you to move your bag so they can sit by your side.

-If you can't find a place to sit and have to stand up while carrying a big bag or many bags, it is very likely that someone who is sitting will ask you to hold your bag(s) for you. Brazilians are friendly and in Rio this is a common practice. Don't worry, they are not trying to rob you (well, at least not by doing this).

-People love to start conversations on the bus. They are not freaks, just trying to be social. If they hear you speaking some other language then be sure to feel like the attraction of the ride. They will stare at you curiously and will probably ask if you want some help if you look confused about where to get off.

That's it for today. Feel free to email me with suggestions for the next guide topic! Tchau!