Friday, April 30, 2010


Welcome back to our normal routine, dear reader!
The volcano made me stay another week in Rio (I am not complaining) but I managed to get back to Sweden safely.
Rio is mostly the same, purgatory of beauty and chaos, as Fernanda Abreu (famous Brazilian singer born there) used to sing. After being 1,5 year in Sweden without visiting my country, I got to notice some stuff and miss other.
The street population got bigger, for example. Maybe because the rain destroyed many of the poorish houses on the hills (favelas), forcing people to get downtown and beg for money. The thing is that, everywhere I went to in Rio I could easily trip on someone sitting along the sidewalks. Sad but true.
The good thing was to be again in touch with the great Brazilian friendliness. People talk to you, acknowledge you and are very likely to help you if you are in need.
Also, just to wake up, open the window and see blue sky and sunshine most everyday is amazing (you Swedes know what I'm talking about...).
By the way, I went up north to Pernambuco state, to a city called "Porto de Galinhas". I can say now that it was the best beach I have been to so far (and trust me, I am an expert on the beach subject). The place was a paradise... warm and clear sea, the fish come and swim around you. The hotel just some steps away from the beach. It almost felt fake, as if we were in "Truman show" or something.
I finish this post with one pic from there. I totally recommend it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Water to ashes

Here I am again! I made it through the flood and now it is volcano time. I was supposed to fly back today, but the flight was cancelled. I can't say I got sad, after all, not many people have the opportunity to be stuck in Rio, not even having to pay for the stay.

Hope all my european readers have been wearing their masks (I actually have one at home hehe).

See ya!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another day in...the water

After a very nice vacation up north, I finally came back to Rio. The flight was quite bad, lots of turbulence and intense rain all the time, very bad visibility. To make it even more bearable some poor girl puked...well, we landed safely. Our first experience in Rio was something like this:

It has been raining for more than one day now, non stop. I hope the next update won't be from a boat.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another day in Paradise

Olá! I'm here in Brazil as I told you, enjoying the great temperatures...30C something in the air and 30C something in the water as well (I am not kidding) here in Porto de Galinhas (up north). Since I don't wanna spend a long time by the computer I am summarizing this amazing place in one picture.

See ya!