Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hold your breath!

Yesterday I watched a cool movie called ”Perfume”, where the character’s life is based on all the smells he could sense. This made me think of my own life and the variety of smells surrounding me. How can both good and bad smells be so disturbing? As when a good looking guy or girl passes by you on the streets leaving that nice trace after them. Or when people “release” themselves in a packed train and all you want is to jump out the window for “gas freedom”. Yes, you know what I mean, huh? No one is safe from being caught by the nose.

Remember when you had that boyfriend/girlfriend who used to wear a very nice perfume? You also probably remember that every time you sensed that smell on someone else all the memories of your ex came up again, right? Well, according to Wikipedia, the primary responsible for the relation memory-emotional reaction are groups of neurons called The amygdalae. Through many connections around your brain, they receive and process smell information. So, if you see yourself crying of sadness ‘cause your sister decided to use the same shampoo as “she” used to, blame it on the amygdalae instead.
You see, this smell thing is somehow so important in our lives that so far I have written the word “smell” seven times. I will try to exemplify such importance:

-Perfume stores: hell on earth for allergic and pregnant people. I wonder if those who work in these stores have less functional amygdalae, since their olfaction must be significantly damaged.

-Your beloved one: how nice is to feel his or her smell on your pillow, clothes or when you are together. Hummm!

-Fart: Sadly mankind still hasn’t developed pants with active carbon filters. When this day comes every man and woman in the world will feel freer.

-Food: what can make you happier than the smell of good food? Smell of good food when you are hungry, of course. In both ways, it is very nice.

-Smelly people: if you study “Swedish for immigrants” then you know what I mean. I believe the word “deodorant” is not in the dictionary for some cultures.

-Public bathrooms: I don’t need to say much about this one. Especially if you enter it after someone has made something solid and you feel like Gollum entering a foggy smelly cave, finding his preeeeciousssss.

That’s it folks. Remember the importance of the air the ones around you breathe. The invisible and magnificent world of smells surrounds us all and its dangers can be closer to your nose than you think. After all what you see is not always what you get.

Show me the meaning of being boooored

Hi people. I decided to stop my "irritating" posts for a while, since I realized nothing really irritates me here in Sweden. Instead, today I will write about the wonders of being bored at home.
I know most people who work dream of not working. They come home and complain about being tired, not having enough time, the boss is a prick and so on. The sad thing is that many of the ones who don't have a job (and specially, live in a different country than your own) feel equally disturbed by the lack of things to do, lack of challenges and maybe even the lack of a pricky boss!
I tried it all:

Running in Slottsskugen (a park around here)> after precise 30 seconds I felt my heart jumping out of my mouth.

Ok, walking in Slottsskugen> in one week I could tell the order of appearence of each dog and its owners through my circuit. The day I realized I wanted to stop was when around 17:00 of a windy afternoon I saw no one else but me in the park and I thought it should be rapists season. Better to walk in the mornings.

Watching tv> I seriously know by heart the dialogues and songs in the commercials. "kom igen kom igen byt upp dig", "It's good to be three" and so on. Advertisement has no better target than me.

Shopping> it's hard to keep up when you realize you have no money. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to watch stuff through the windows like a hungry dog watching the chicken machines.

Taking care of home> after a while you master all the tasks and then you manage to finish them pretty fast. This means you will have the entire day to explore your boredom.

Socializing with your partner> this feels almost like a dog thing too if you spent the entire day bored. When the partner gets home you just want him to pet you a bit or throw a ball so you can catch. He is your best friend (this comparison was amazing, wasn't it?)!

So, after all these trials, I decided to meet my friends more often, after all the ones I meet often through the week are the ones equally bored and jobless like me. We will end up starting some discussion group or something like that, like rich bored people do. But instead of deciding where donating money to we will talk about what to cook or which job websites are the best.
Anyway, the point with that text is: don't complain about having a job, you could be working for the sake of boredom instead. And trust me, you don't want it to be your boss.


Since I have been feeling bored for a while, I decided to start filling my days with something unuseful: writing a blog. I will try to stick to it.

Being the critical person I am, nothing better than opening a space to talk about things that irritate me,or the others, so feel free to comment or give some ideas.

My first irritation theme: old people
Some old people tend to think that, since they saw the dinosaurs die, they can cross a highway in front of a truck, and it needs to brake. But worse than that is when they get annoyed at you walking in a crowded street, those times when you happen to face an old woman and you step to the left, to the right,to the left and she does the same, Mr. Bean movie like. I always listen to a "tsc" when that happen. Or when you are in a hurry and you get stuck behind one in a escalator or a tram exit. Affff... Some of you might think "poor thing, he/she is old.I pity old people". No way. Pity comes from the fact that they look fragile and they can't do much,but if you think that that poor slow old person was a fucker when he/she was young ( liked to take advantage on people, never helped anyone, stole money from charity), you start feeling better with yourself. In Brazil I was trying to help a real old lady getting off the bus, when she simply looked at me with a shitty face and said annoyed: "No no,go away,I don't need any help!". Really? Ok then, break your fucking leg full of spider veins, trying to get off this bus yourself.

Not to mention the times when you are waiting for ages to see a doctor at the emergency cause you ate something bad and are puking like hell,and in the last minute an old lady comes with her cane coughing a bit,and get into the office before you because she has a cold and is old. Incredible. The only good thing about it is that we will probably experience the same through the other point of view when our time comes. At least!
Movie indication related to the theme: "Duplex".