Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's celebrity: Supernanny

Seriously, if I had to choose another mother than my own, I would definitely go for Jo Frost. I don't even have kids but I love her show, how she fixes problematic families and spoiled kids. Also, she is cool without being too sweet or childish.
I wish I could take her with me one weekday and do everything I usually do. Imagine: she could start an assessment on the the bus I usually take every morning, with all the screaming, annoying kids and their indifferent parents. Maybe she could even take a look at people at the office and teach them how to behave in a more professional way. I actually wish I could materialize supernanny for all these occasions where people have no clue on how to live amongst others. She would open her laptop: "Oh! I see Leticia is in desperate need of help. I'm on my way!"

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